Savingmate: Empowering Community-Based Peer-to-Peer Lending

Using Savingmate mobile apps, individuals can access hassle-free peer-to-peer lending, fostering financial empowerment and strengthening social connections.

What's Unique about Savingmate

Creating Lending Groups

Savingmate peer-to-peer app allow users to create lending groups effortlessly. Users can invite friends, family, or like-minded individuals to participate in the group, establishing a trusted community for financial transactions.

Rotational Payment System

Once a lending group is formed, the participating members agree on an amount and a cycle. The cycle defines the order in which the users will receive the agreed-upon amount.

Automated Payment Processing

Once the lending group’s cycle is defined, the app automatically initiates the payments according to the predetermined order. This automation streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual tracking and ensuring timely payments for all participants.

About Us

Welcome to our peer-to-peer lending platform, where technology meets finance to empower individuals like you. With our extensive knowledge in the fields of technology and finance, we are the perfect fit for your lending endeavors. Based in Minneapolis, MN, our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and secure lending experience. Let’s delve into how our platform works and why we’re the ideal choice for your peer-to-peer lending needs.


Our vision is to empower individuals, regardless of their financial background or experience, to develop healthy savings habits, make informed financial decisions, and unlock the potential of their finances.

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Our Expertise in Technology and Finance

Our understanding of financial principles combined with our technological prowess allows us to provide you with a secure and efficient peer-to-peer lending solution.